Addressing Dementia-Related Aggression

addressing-dementia-related-aggressionIt’s difficult to watch a loved one fade away as their memory deteriorates. Dementia hurts family members just as much as it affects the patients. As a result, healthcare specialists frequently advise obtaining a home health care service.

Aggression or agitation is a common result of dementia. It is often invoked by stress, despair, pain, discomfort, confusion, and medications. Many people with dementia are disoriented and are unable to understand what they are feeling throughout their lives. As a result, they grow aggressive.

Imperial Home Health is a leading provider of home health care in Victorville, California. We work mostly with the elderly who have a variety of medical issues. We are professionals in dealing with dementia patients due to our years of experience in the field. So, here are some suggestions for dealing with hostility.

  • Reassure the patient in a calm voice helps them to comprehend what you’re saying.
  • Pay close attention to their response and try to figure out why they are upset.
  • Create and keep to a routine with them. Patients can reclaim their freedom as a result of this.
  • Be aware of your triggers and strive to stay away from them.
  • Use sweets, music, or reassurance to help them relax.

When it comes to a loved one battling dementia, you need to find a reliable partner of home care in California. We are one of the ones you can trust. Your senior loved one is in good hands with us.

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