How Seniors Benefit from Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapy is designed to help individuals of all stages maintain, develop, or regain the necessary skills to perform daily activities. Hence, occupational therapy treatment will vary from one person to the next as it addresses the person’s unique needs. As a home health service provider, we offer this service to facilitate healthy aging.

As a leading provider of home care in California, we will discuss how seniors benefit from occupational therapy:

  • Overcome Daily Challenges
    Many seniors recovering from an injury or illness have a difficult time performing everyday activities. Daily activities like bathing, grooming, toileting, and home management become unsafe and challenging. OT addresses this by improving the senior’s basic motor skills and range of motion to enhance mobility.
  • Prevent Falls
    Many of us can shrug off a fall, but for seniors, one bad fall can be debilitating. Occupational therapy addresses this by enhancing strength, dexterity, and mobility. This allows seniors to be more independent without risking their health.
  • Address Memory Loss
    Occupational therapy can also entail memory-enhancing activities like matching games and puzzles. An occupational therapist can address memory problems by educating caregivers about effective techniques to handle the senior’s condition.

Imperial Home Health is a trusted provider of home health care in Victorville, California. Established in 2004, we specialize in high-quality in-home services that range from skilled nursing care to rehabilitative therapies. To find out more about occupational therapy, reach out to us today.

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