When Speech Therapy is Recommended for Seniors

When Speech Therapy is Recommended for Seniors

Speech therapy is often recommended to kids having difficulty communicating but it can be useful for senior adults too. Being able to communicate at any age is really important. If they one is unable to communicate any pain or discomfort, it can get out of hand and turn into something more serious.

Any home health service provider can recommend speech therapy to senior adults when they need it. Some of the situations in which seniors should undergo speech therapy are as follows:

  • Weakened Vocal Cords
    As people age, vocal cords tend to become stiffer and the larynx muscles tend to be weakened. This difficulty in the anatomy makes speaking to be challenging for seniors. Speech therapists can help them re-learn how to use their vocal cords to speak and provide vocal exercises to help them.
  • Those with Swallowing Problems
    Home care in California can help seniors who have swallowing problems. Speech therapy can help improve not only their chewing and swallowing but also reduce the risk of choking on their food.
  • Patients Diagnosed with Dementia
    Speech therapy is also helpful to patients with dementia. This can help them preserve their brain functions and address cognitive aspects of communication, including attention, memory, and problem solving.
  • People who had Stroke
    Immediately following a stroke, speech therapy should be administered to prevent further language problems resulting from it. Treatment right after a stroke is important to increase chances of recovery.

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