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Please describe all relevant experience, including volunteer and other unpaid experience. Begin with your most recent position, and describe your employment History for the past five (5) years.

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Criminal History

(other than a minor traffic violation, a marijuana offense that was more than 2 years ago, or a conviction that occurred while the person was subject to the process and jurisdiction of the juvenile court)

(other than those that have been sealed, expunged or dismissed, or those that occurred while the person was subject to the process and jurisdiction of the juvenile court)

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Please provide 3 names of people who are not related or living with you.

Confidentiality and Authorization

I,, authorize Company to verify the information I have provided and to make any investigation of my background deemed necessary as well as authorizing third parties (e.g. former employers, law enforcement organizations, financial situations, and educational situations) to provide information about me to the Company.

I,, agree if employed by Company, to sign and comply with further agreements in order to fulfill my employment process, which may include all legaly permissible medical examinations and drug/alcohol screenings required by the company.

I,, understand that employment with Company is at will and that either I or the company can terminate any employment and compensation with or without cause and notice at any time. I acknowledge that no representations, either oral or written, have been made to me to the contrary and that any pre-existing understandings that may contradict an at-will status of employment are canceled.

I,, agree that in consideration of my employment, I agree to conform to the rules and policies of Company.

I,, truthfully state that the information provided above is correct and valid. I have reviewed and completed all fields and materials. This information will be solely used for the purposes of Company, and whom they seem fit to contact. By signing this application, I understand that if there are any missing fields and materials or if the information provided is found to be incorrect or invalid, my application may be denied.

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